Design date: 2017
Client: UNRWA 
Location: Amman, Jordan 
Category: Educational
Plot area: 4700 sqm

Seyam Architects has experience working with different sectors in the field of bids. Among the bids that were referred to us are two projects: "Al-Zuhur School for Females" with an area of 4700 square meters, in addition to the "Health Center" project with an area of 1800 square meters in the Al-Zuhur area by the Palestinian Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Both projects are located on one piece of land with an area of seven dunums.


The design took into account the technical requirements of both the health center and the school, including the accurate and varied details they contain, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministries of Education and Health, so that the design achieves its desired goal, noting that integrated engineering services have been provided for all disciplines, the preparation of tender documents, the end of the tender offer, and the follow-up of the licensing of the plans.




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