Design date: 2018
Client: India Embassy
Location: Amman, Jordan 
Category: Residential 
Plot area: 31240 sqm
Built Up area: 1300 sqm



Situated in the prestigious neighborhood of Amman, the Government of India has undertaken the redevelopment of the Embassy residence, originally constructed in the early 1960s. This transformative initiative seeks to evolve the existing structure into a modern and futuristic residential building, adhering to local development controls, standards, and planning regulations. Following a stringent two-phase qualification process, our firm emerged among the select eight technically qualified companies and subsequently secured the project's referral through an arbitration committee. Tasked with integrating a contemporary design reflecting its role as an ambassador's residence, our approach harmonizes with the Fourth Circle surroundings.


The conceptual framework envisages a high-end diplomatic residence, embodying both a modern aesthetic and indigenous Ammani elements, while infusing an Indian spirit through features such as arcades, porticos, and cultural patterns. The layout, designed with a geometrical approach, ensures an axial distribution of spaces, creating an organized system for all functions. Our comprehensive services encompass integrated engineering disciplines, tender document preparation, and meticulous oversight of licensing procedures, ensuring the seamless realization of this visionary project.

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