Design date: 2021
Client: Sumou Real Estate
Category: Commercial building 
Location: Alkhobar,KSA
Plot area: 8210 sqm
Built Up area: 10000 sqm



In the ever-evolving realm of food and beverage, marked by substantial growth in recent years, a notable paradigm shift from imitation to innovation has taken center stage. Against the backdrop of a breathtaking sea panorama, the design of this project incorporates a modern aesthetic with a facade adorned in glass and stone, seamlessly blending the interior with the surrounding natural beauty.


The innovative approach extends to the interior, where a warm and inviting atmosphere is curated through the use of wood ceiling cladding. This project not only reflects the dynamic evolution within the culinary domain but also embraces a commitment to aesthetic excellence, offering patrons a unique dining experience that harmoniously merges culinary delights with stunning visual aesthetics.


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