Design date: 2018
Client: Laith AL Obaidi Cars 
Location: Khalda-Amman
Category: Residential building
Built Up area: 8500 sqm



Although until a few years ago LED lighting in architecture was not very appreciated due to its lack of knowledge, during the last few years, LED technology has been evolving to become the most widely used type of lighting. This is because it is possible to achieve a large amount of light with very small and discreet luminaires, allowing to bring light to any point and use it both integrated in architectural details and reliefs, as well as direct and accent lighting.


 This has led to a new utility of luminaires that was previously inconceivable with the more traditional ones: creating environments with very varied designs and a lot of personality. In recent years, LED lighting in architecture has become a tool capable of improving the quality of a space, creating environments adapted to every moment of the day and every activity carried out, and achieving unique effects in each place.

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