Design date: 2016

Location:  Amman / Jordan

Category: Residential / Villa

Site area: 1001 m2

Built area: 400 m2­­


The single family villa is designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant place to live and work, responding to the needs of the client in addition to the needs of the environment. Therefore a sustainable approach was the main framework of the project in the phases of design, construction and operation.

The morphology (massing and orientation) is based on functionality and space distribution to environmental needs in coordination with client needs and goals. Therefor the building is designed on two floors (compact design), consisting of two elongated masses, in which they are interlocking to form a negative space. This negative space is designed to be an outdoor covered terrace overlooking the green garden and the natural view.

The ground floor level contains the living room , kitchen ,master guest bedroom and guest salon, in addition to the covered garage, family entry and interior staircase. The first floor level is more private containing children bedrooms, parents’ bedroom, laundry and maid room in addition to an intimate living and office space that has an access to an open terrace overlooking the view.

The building orientation and position guarantee the access to natural view to most of interior spaces, and leaves a large space in the front for plantation. The landscape design based on platforms gradually elevated and consistent with the natural topography.

The minimal elevation design is enhanced with the modern openings pattern and proportion which depend basically on functionality and the amount of natural light needed for the interior spaces in order to eliminate the use of artificial light in day time.

The use of stone and local materials is essential in the green design approach. The design is based on two types of stone, white hammered stone with random pattern (height: 12.5,25,50 cm) as a basic material, and upcycled basalt stone as an accent material.

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