Architecture / Building Engineering


Architectural Design


In Seyam Architects, architecture is our core service, where we demonstrate a clear understanding of our client’s needs and expectations, presenting a distinguished design approach that reflects an interpretation of contemporary architecture within the peculiarity of our local identity and the aspiration of an influential practice.


Our experience is not limited to the creative aspects of design, but it encompasses professionally the pragmatic sides of actualizing projects, covering all the technicalities needed to meet the expected quality and budget of our clients.



  1. Conceptual design
  2. Design development
  3. Construction documents
  4. Specifications and bill of quantities
  5. Cost estimation and feasibility studies



Structural Design


Structural design goes hand in hand with the architectural goals; providing economic, safe and high efficiency solutions, based on scientific structural studies and analysis to select the best systems.



  1. Structural design
  2. Structural construction drawings
  3. Specifications and bill of quantities
  4. Value engineering
  5. Structural modeling
  6. Site and topographical survey

Mechanical Engineering



  1. HVAC systems design
  2. Fire fighting systems
  3. Grey water networking and treatment systems
  4. Sewer drainage networks
  5. Hot and cold water networks
  6. Rainwater harvesting and drainage systems


Electrical Engineering



  1. Lighting systems and design
  2. Fire alarm and evacuation systems
  3. Closed circuit television system (CCTV)
  4. Security and control access system
  5. Telephone and data networks
  6. Building automation systems


Architecture / Building Engineering
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