Interior & Furniture Design



Our interior design consultancy services aim to provide creative designs that are highly aesthetic, functional and in the range of the clients’ budget, for new or renovation projects to the residential, commercial, corporate and government sectors.


Seyam architects presents variable interior design solutions in order to improve qualities of use and accommodation, through space design and the selection of materials, colors ,lighting and finishes to appropriately convey the design concept and meet the socio-psychological, functional, environmental, maintenance, and safety requirements.



  1. Conceptual design
  2. Execution drawings preparation
  3. Custom design furniture
  4. Specifications and bill of quantities
  5. Furniture, finishes and equipment selection (FF&E)
  6. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design (MEP)
  7. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC)




Interior & Furniture Design
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